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In 2018, I decided to throw caution to the wind, step out of my comfort zone and leave the security of a 26-year teaching career that had been my life's profession (and passion) until that time. 

Becoming a professional barber was somewhat unfinished business, as I had passed on a few opportunities to get into the profession when I was a younger man.

As a child, I spent many a day in my local barbershop back in my native Chicago, both a customer and as a companion to my father, grandfather and great-grandfather, who I loved accompanying on their weekly trips to the barbershop where I'd eavesdrop on the lively conversations, admire the attentive work of the barbers and watch Chicago Cubs baseball on the old black and white television mounted on the wall.

When I turned 15, I received my learner's driving permit and was tasked with driving my elderly great-grandfather—who, at the age of 89 was no longer allowed to drive—to the West Side every Friday after school to the barbershop where he had been getting his hair cut since the 1940s.

It was in the late 1970s when barbershops began to fall out of fashion and many men began getting their hair cut—permed, straightened and colored!—at unisex hair salons, more often than not having these services performed by the same hairdressers that their wives, mothers and sisters went to.

My vision of The Night Barber is to offer not only a well-executed haircut, but to impart practical advice for styling and maintaining your hair. Each and every haircut I do places the utmost care and attention to a haircut that compliments the contours of the head and the unique characteristics of the face and hairlines  while enhancing the overall aesthetic of one's appearance. It's what I call "the perfect haircut!"

Finally, I know that it's not only about getting a haircut and I realize there are dozens—if not hundreds—of excellent barbers out there to choose from. I take great pride and satisfaction in offering my customers a comfortable, safe and tranquil environment were they can unwind, relax, listen to music and have a chat with no distractions as they are the only customer in the shop whose full attention is my first and only undertaking. 


The Night Barber Classic Haircut

(From €40)


Your signature haircut created to best reflect your personality and lifestyle. I begin with a consultation and careful preparation of the cutting guides that result in a perfect haircut by following the natural contours of the head. Combining state-of-the-art motorized clippers with traditional Japanese steel scissors, bulk is removed and the hair is precisely cut and blended to achieve the desired result. I use a hygienic and non-irritating foil shaver to ensure the nape is shaved with a long-lasting baby smooth finish. The hair is saturated with a luxuriously rich grooming tonic then dried and styled. I finish by applying your choice of Reuzel™ hair pomades for either a matte or lightly shiny finish and strength of hold.


By selecting the "Deluxe" option, your classic haircut will also include a luxurious massaging shampoo and conditioning treatment leaving your hair and scalp clean, nourished and revitalized.*

The Night Barber Beard Maintenance (From €30)

While I no longer wear the full, long beard I once did, I remain a traditional beardsman at heart and treat every beardlong or short, stubbly or stockywith the utmost care. Your beard is a reflection of your independent spirit, style and masculinity and conveys that to the world. I begin every beard service with a thorough inspection of the beard, mustache and skin. Next, I carefully remove bulk and begin shaping the facial hair to its desired length and design. I create natural lines along the base of the throat, neck and cheeks using both a highly efficient foil shaver and traditional cutthroat razor to achieve the perfect contours while leaving these areas smooth and stubble free. Your beard trim is topped off with a splash of Reuzel™after shave and their rich, great-smelling beard balm. 

By selecting the "Deluxe Beard Maintenance" option, you will thoroughly enjoy a luxurious hot steam, lemon and eucalyptus treatment to fully cleanse, stimulate and tonify your beard and skin. A cold towel will be employed at the end of the facial to close the pores and awaken your senses.*

The Night Barber Combo/Deluxe Combo (From €55)

Combine a Classic Cut with a  Beard Trim or Shave (or their Deluxe counterparts) and cover all the bases from the crown of your head to your chinny chinny chin!  

The Night Barber "Bladeless" Shave Experience


Unlike the more traditional method of straight or cutthroat razor shaves, this "bladeless" shave employs the use of the BaBylissPRO Foil Shaver. With its protected swinging blades housed beneath a foil guard, you are guaranteed not only a perfectly smooth shave in just one pass, but a shave that is completely hygienic and free from nicks and cuts. The foil shave is also ideal for those with sensitive skin or skin prone to razor bumps. And not only do you get the smoothest shave possible, you get a shave that's even closer than a traditional blade as the foil shaves beneath the skin to the hair follicle. 

Following a brisk cold towel application, the skin is dried and talc is applied to absorb any remaining moisture before a splash of Reuzel™ aftershave is applied, leaving the skin taut and reinvigorated.

Other Services

Buzz Cuts, Head Shaves, Long Hair Service, Young Gentleman's Haircuts (to 12 years) and Dad & Lad Service are also available and may be booked directly by clicking BOOK NOW above.

*Combos and Deluxe services carry an added charge and extended duration of service.


Station GOOD_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Born and raised in Chicago, I moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating from high school in 1981 with the single objective of becoming a rock star. There, I began working for my cousin, famed Beverly Hills hairstylist Allen Edwards (Julianne Moore, Renee Zellweger, Laura Flynn Boyle, Donna Mills, Raquel Welch). While mostly relegated to making coffee, serving wine and sweeping, I got a good taste of the business and enjoyed learning the trade from seasoned professionals.

Fast forward to 2017 when, at the age 54, while beginning my twenty-fifth year as a teacher, I started a small company, Usatinsky Bow Ties, and began designing and selling handmade bow ties. (see my bow ties HERE). 


Soon after, I approached Sam Aydani, master barber and owner of the upscale Benoah Barbershop in The Hague, and asked him if I could sell my bow ties in his beautiful shop. Sam agreed and when I told him about my experience working in a hair salon some 35 years earlier, he said if I ever wanted to get back into the business, he'd be more than happy to train me. Half in jest I said "so when do I start?" Same smiled and (half in jest) said, "come next Tuesday at ten o'clock." So, I did.  

Over the next five and a half months, I gave 100 haircuts and 100 shaves while still working part-time as a Lecturer of English at the renowned Hotelschool The Hague. To facilitate my training, I offered free haircuts and shaves to my Hotelschool students who were both curious and pleasantly delighted to be getting a haircut and shave by their teacher "Mr. Morris."  

It was in the spring of 2018, nearing the end of my apprenticeship, when my students—during what is the busiest time of the academic year—would ask for later evening appointments to accommodate their busy schedules. Before long, I was taking appointments as late as ten or eleven o'clock at night when the idea of an after-hours barbershop hit me. Seeing a niche for this type of business, The Night Barber was born and I became the first and only barber in Holland offering late-night, after-hours barber services to discerning gentlemen. 

Today, The Night Barber is part of the WI Kappers Collective in Amsterdam (Oud West) and The Hague (Zeeheldenkwartier), providing the ultimate gentleman’s barbering experience featuring classic haircuts and meticulous beard maintenance at convenient evening hours.  

At your service!



“Fantastic barbershop with a relaxed atmosphere and barber with an eye for detail.” -Gregory


“Always a joy visiting Richard. Convenient timeslots, good vibe, nice music, excellent haircut and always something eclectic to talk about if you're in the mood. Richard is the go-to guy for a haircut in The Hague.” -Luc


“Very patient, knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended.” -Michael


“Richard es muy atento y amble. Es como ir a ver un amigo después del trabajo y salir más guapo de lo que entraste!” -Sergi


“Ik kom alweer ruim 2 jaar bij Richard en altijd zeer tevreden met het resultaat. Richard neemt de tijd om zijn klanten tevreden te houden en daarnaast is het ook een gezellige vent.” -Peter


“Richard always welcomes me with a big smile and never rushes on the treatment, making a very satisfying experience. The barbershop ambiance and music are very good as well.” -Bruno



“Very happy with the entire experience. Richard was very friendly and he did an excellent job on the haircut despite my genetics giving him very little to work with. I'll definitely be returning in the near future...highly recommended!” -James L.


“Richard es mi barbero de confianza desde hace años. Trato exquisito, relax absoluto, resultado perfecto.

Mi barba siempre lo agradece!” -Mario


“Een van de beste knipbeurten die ik heb gehad. Een aanrader voor iedereen die in de avond onder het genot van een goed gesprek geknipt wil worden. Drie woorden: Kwaliteit, gastvrijheid en sfeervol.” -Daniel


Nieuwe Passeerdersstraat 10
1016 XP Amsterdam

​​Appointments by special arrangement

via WhatsApp @ 06 284 00 808


Anna Paulownaplein 14

2518 BK The Hague

Monday:      10:00 - 13:00

                     18:00 - Midnight
​​Tuesday:      18:00 - Midnight
​Wednesday: 19:00 - Midnight


Phone/WhatsApp: 06 284 00 808


By appointment only

Gift vouchers available

Se habla español

Hotel, home, hospital and hospice service by special arrangement. ​

Would you like to own and operate a Night Barber franchise?

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