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In 2011, a friend challenged me to take part in an annual online literary event, National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO), held each November with nearly half a million participants worldwide.

While having had dozens of ideas for novels––and having started many over the years that were quickly abandonded in their early stages––I found shorter pieces of writing such as short stories, essays and poetry easier to tackle.

It was the 30-day deadline that I found most appealing and the intensity of hyper-focusing on one task every day for a month. I also found it comforting that I would only be competing against myself as there were no prizes for completing the 50,000-word challenge and no consequences should I not (other than disappointment and self-loathing!). 

So, I signed up and started writing, keeping an eye on my daily progress and word count on the convenient NANOWRIMO dashboard on my account page. Needless to say, I found the structure accommodating and easy to stay focussed; so much, in fact, I completed my 55,000-word novel in 28 days!

Now, a dozen years later––and a dozen years of revising, editing, proofreading and self-doubt––I am releasing A River Runs Wild on my own Aquitania imprint.

The novel tells the story of Jeremy Wild, a renowned author who is reunited with Reka, sister of his childhood friend Victor. Reka tracks Jeremy down in Spain to inform him of her brother's death during the Iraq War.  After a chance meeting and several years later, Jeremy and Reka fall deeply in love until one day Jeremy discovers Reka's closely guarded secret which, despite their strong connection, all but shatters their love...and lives.

You are cordially invited to take part in an exclusive pre-order campaign and be amongst the first to receive a signed copy of my debut novel prior to its official release on 1 January 2024. Your pre-ordered book includes free international shipping.


A River Runs Wild by R.M. Usatinsky

Thanks for pre-ordering!

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