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What would life be without a little music? And that’s just what’s behind my Rubato bow tie. Inspired by its namesake musical tempo—which can best be defined as a temporary disregarding of strict tempo to allow an expressive quickening or slackening, usually without altering the overall pace—this is my most unrestrained design yet. Curious to hear what your Rubato accessory would sound like if you could stream it into your Bluetooth headphones? I suggest giving Chopin’s Etude Opus 10 No. 6 a test drive.


The Rubato bow tie is available in 5cm bat wing bow tie (pictured), 6cm thistle bow tie and a limited edition necktie. It features a background score of indigo and accompanying notes in sapphire, shark skin and daffodil. Handmade in England from 100% British-milled silk.


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