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It's not every day that a bow tie is born a legend, but I'm confident that my Sir Daniel Bow Tie is destined to become a classic, if only for the legendary namesake who inspired it. Named in honor of acclaimed British-Irish actor Daniel Day-Lewis, whose now fabled story of apprenticing under the late Italian master shoemaker, Stefano Bemer, in Florence during the summer of 2000, was one of the major influences behind my decision to start up Usatinsky Bow Ties.


The Sir Daniel Bow Tie has been created from a rich blend of British-milled silk (60%), wool (25%) and linen (15%). Notably robust and luxuriously textured, its goldenrod field is accentuated by thin navy-blue lines bordering navy-blue diamonds with smaller goldenrod diamonds within. One of the most versatile bow ties in my Collection, The Sir Daniel can be dressed up or down and worn season after season. I suggest buying a second one for the glovebox for those unexpected moments when that special someone rings up for drinks.


Available exclusively as a 6cm thistle bow tie, the Sir Daniel is handmade in England.

Sir Daniel

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