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I wanted a bit of dazzle in my debut Classic British Collection so I created The Waldron. Named after Chris Waldron, a personal friend of this house and one of the hardest working and most dedicated souls in the British tie manufacturing industry, The Waldron  is every bit as dazzling as its namesake, boasting a three-dimensional effect of tightly compact cubes in black, platinum and mulberry that will procure its share of double takes and hard-to-break stares and glares. Pair The Waldron with your best workday suits and boots and it will surely get its due attention as you stroll past the water cooler. And you'll absolutely love what it will do for your black velvet jacket. Be the dazzler you were always meant to be!


Avaialble exclsuively as a 6cm thistle. Handmade in England from 100% British-milled silk.


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